Our mission is to do the work of Jesus Christ, providing hope, respect, and guidance towards a path to prosperity.

Friendship House is a faith-based organization reaching out to all those in need, regardless of faith. We strive to embody God’s love and to treat everyone who comes through our doors with caring, respect and dignity.

Incorporated in April of 1951, today Friendship House is located on the north side of Peoria at 800 NE Madison. Friendship House continues to offer programs to the community and minister to those individuals and families who need it most. The core partnership of the inner city ministry includes American Baptist, United Methodist Church, Disciples of Christ, the Presbytery of Peoria, and the Congregational Christian Conference.

The Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service is funded by churches, the Heart of Illinois United Way, individuals, grants/foundations, community support, and fundraisers.

Meet our Board of Directors

Directors from left to right: Richard Moore, President; Art Oakford, Vice President; Joe Novotny, Treasurer, Marla Brady, Secretary

Directors from left to right: Sarah Earl, Marilyn Arreguin, Sonni Williams, Maximillian Prusak

Directors from left to right: Meghan Lundeen, Jeff Huizenga, Jacob Sexton, Jason Mott

Directors from left to right: Paul Grove, Carol McPherson, Phil Webber