Feature Gallery:

December 2015 at Peoria Friendship House

So many projects and so many volunteers! We are so grateful for everyone who has helped make this holiday season special at Peoria Friendship House.

Here are a few of our accomplishments:

• PFH’s first ever Lego League team won the Judge’s Choice Award at their first competition. • Terri Taylor and her wonderful family made a huge impact with the Sugar Plum Project; they provided beds for 70 children. • Friday Night Take Out served 152 households one week, enough food for the WHOLE weekend. Bringing our total meals Friday Night Take Out program has provided to over 105,945 in 2015!! • Christmas Tree Lane allowed 124 households to choose gifts for 558 of their loved ones! All of this could not have happened without the numerous donations and volunteers, of both young and old. Even as young as 7 year old Cole Whitaker.

-Thank you and Merry Christmas from Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service

PFH Summer Camp 2015: A day on the playground

Summer camp children have fun and explore Peoria Friendship House’s playground.

Friday Night Takeout Volunteers:
Caterpillar, Inc.- 8.14.15

Caterpillar came out Friday to lend a hand and distribute baskets. They worked side by side with some of our volunteers and did an awesome job. We greatly appreciate their hard work and smiles!

PFH Summer Camp 2015: Last day Performance

Summer camp older kids invited all of Friendship House out to a lunchtime performance presented by them! The kids showcased their creativity by writing and performing an entertaining original play.

The cast included: Aniya, Zariah, Savoy, Kymmya, Makya, Jamya, Cameran, Brandon, Jovanne, Miguel, Alexis, and Zecharra, with appearances by summer camp counselors, Ms. Emmy and Mr. Ray.